Get started with the Data Format Description Language

An open standard for data modeling


Introduction to DFDL

In this short video, learn what DFDL is, why it can be useful, and how to get started using DFDL with IBM Integration Bus.

More on DFDL

In this video, Steve Hanson introduces you to the motivations and design goals for DFDL and shows you some of the key features of the specification. He also describes the features of the IBM DFDL component and discusses the open source implementation of DFDL called Daffodil. Finally, he gives you a quick guided tour of the IBM DFDL component in an example with IBM Integration Bus.

Modeling data with DFDL

This video is a more advanced discussion of modelling data formats with DFDL. Hanson shows in more detail the subset of the XML Schema language that DFDL has adopted. He goes on to elaborate on the language's features for expressing complex data formats in ways that can be efficiently parsed. He walks through a detailed example starting with a data file and building up a DFDL model from the actual data. Hanson wraps up this presentation with a discussion of some of the industry data format specifications that have been modeled with DFDL.

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