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This content is part of the series:DevOps distilled

Stay tuned for additional content in this series.

In this video, Gene Kim discusses his new book, The Phoenix Project, with IBM DevOps experts, Ann Marie Fred and Michael Elder. Gene has also written this "DevOps Distilled" article series for developerWorks.

In this series of articles, Gene Kim shares his unique perspective on the history of the DevOps movement and where its heading today, with a eye toward how information security fits into the overall operations persective of DevOps.

  • In Part 1, get a history of DevOps, explore the three underpinning principles of the DevOps movement, and learn how DevOps complements existing frameworks such as Agile and ITIL.
  • Part 2 explains how making environments early in the development process will create more deterministic, predictable, and secure releases.
  • In Part 3, learn how to amplify feedback loops by bringing operations and information security into development. Encouraging collaboration and ensuring communication will help achieve your goals.
  • Part 4 explains how standardizing the work of IT Operations can increase project predictability and also describes how standardization can also increase the throughput of work.
  • In Part 5, the final article in the series, discover why DevOps is the key to unlocking tremendous economic value and why everyone needs DevOps now.

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