Claims-based authentication for Sharepoint with Access Manager

Securing Claims-based authentication for Microsoft Sharepoint with IBM Security Access Manager



This 5-part video series by Jenny Wong shows a step-by-step guide for implementing claims-based authentication for Microsoft Sharepoint applications using IBM Security Access Manager. This series is intended for security architects, IT architects, and administrators and is based on the integration package available from IBM Support. See Related topics for a link to the necessary integration files.


Part 1 shows an architectural overview of the solution.

Add and deploy

In Part 2, learn how to add and deploy the necessary Access Manager integration components into the Sharepoint server.

Create a new application

Part 3 demonstrates how to create a new claims-based application on the Sharepoint server and how to activate the single sign-on feature.

Test the single-sign on feature

In the demonstration in Part 4, learn how to test the single sign-on feature of a Sharepoint application feature using a virtual host junction from Access Manager's WebSeal component.

Configure and assign

Finally, in Part 5, understand how to configure and assign Sharepoint permissions using Access Manager groups.

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