An analysis of the Apache Geronimo PetStore demo

Construct a solid enterprise application platform

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J. Hanson

Date archived: January 4, 2017 | First published: October 03, 2006

Want practical instructions for building an enterprise application that you can use in your business? The iBATIS PetStore application is an example application that originated from the Sun Java™ BluePrints program. The application illustrates how to use the capabilities of the iBATIS persistence framework, the all-Java Apache Derby database, and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) to develop a simple cross-platform enterprise application. This article provides tips and techniques that you can use to exploit the features of iBATIS, Derby, and Apache Geronimo to construct a flexible and usable implementation of the PetStore application.

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ArticleTitle=An analysis of the Apache Geronimo PetStore demo