Apache Geronimo on Grails

Create a Grails application to deploy on Apache Geronimo

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Michael Galpin

Date archived: January 4, 2017 | First published: July 08, 2008

Do you want to build your Web sites faster and cheaper, but still leverage industrial-strength technology? You can do just that using Grails and Apache Geronimo. Grails leverages the power of the dynamic language Groovy to accelerate your development. However, it runs on the Java® Virtual Machine and leverages proven Java technologies. This makes it easy to take your Grails application to the next level by deploying it to Apache Geronimo, the premiere open source Java EE V5-certified application server. In this article, you will see how easy Grails can make Web development and how easy Geronimo can make Grails deployment. You will also see how a Grails application can leverage the resources and services provided by Geronimo.

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