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In 2016, the announcement of the Connect series offerings created quite a buzz in the developerWorks® Middleware hub. After all, when you can quickly and securely extend both your IBM® middleware applications and data to the cloud, you have a lot to gain in time to market with nothing to lose. This announcement is where our Connect series collection was born. In 2017, it grew to include tips and tricks to give you more flexibility and opportunity as you expand the possibilities of your applications.

This article highlights the top three picks for Connect series articles from the developerWorks library as chosen by you, our faithful readers. It also includes the top three Connect series articles published in 2017 that I, as the humble editor of this hub, have chosen. So, grab a cup of hot coffee, tea, or cocoa; settle in; and enjoy perusing these favorites.

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Top three reader picks

If this list looks a bit familiar, it might be because two of the articles made the same list last year. The recurrence of the API Connect demo article and the API strategy article in this list demonstrate just how important these concepts are to developers. The newcomer to this list is the second article about using API Connect and IBM MQ.


Inside IBM API Connect Version 5: An end-to-end demo

This article features a demonstration video that shows you how to create and publish an application--from start to finish, on-premises to the cloud--with IBM API Connect Version 5. The practical example highlights the features of API Connect, including the offline developer toolkit experience and the ability to quickly create and customize a LoopBack application based on Node.js.


Connect back-end systems to APIs with IBM API Connect and IBM MQ

Integration between API Connect and IBM MQ is vital for reliable messaging. Until now, this integration was not available for environments that use back-end systems to communicate through MQ. Thanks to a new custom policy for API Connect to integrate with IBM MQ, you can seamlessly create public-facing APIs to work with your back-end systems. This tutorial explains how to use this custom policy to integrate an instance of API Connect with an MQ queue manager.


Achieve your API strategy with IBM API Connect

To deliver on your API strategy, you need to understand your key stakeholders, their needs, and how API Connect can help to meet those needs. In this article, you learn about these essential elements of an API strategy. You see how IBM API Connect goes beyond the limits of an API management platform, allowing your organization to not only manage and secure its APIs, but to also create and run them. Finally, you see how quickly you can get started with API Connect.

Top three editor picks

My top picks are based on new content for 2017. I have specific reasons for why I chose these articles. Read on, and then give them a try.


Integrate your on-premises apps with the cloud with WebSphere Connect

This series made my list because it shows just how quickly application developers can move to the cloud.

In Part 1 of this series, you use the IBM WebSphere® Connect capabilities of IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty to publish WebSphere APIs. By following these steps, others can subscribe and consume these APIs. Part 2 shifts the focus to WebSphere Application Server traditional. You learn how to use it to enable API discovery and integrations with API Connect, for both on-premises and cloud environments.


Manage your cognitive processes with IBM Watson and API Connect

It's rare that I actually get to test the tutorials I work on. This tutorial gets my vote because I finally got a chance to run through the steps, and it only took a few minutes! If I can manage the steps in this tutorial, you certainly can, too.

By having access to IBM Watson® APIs in API Connect, you can control and track usage of how your organization uses Watson services. Although this tutorial demonstrates these steps by using the Watson Language Translator API, you can use these same steps for any Watson APIs.


Go code-free! Create an API in IBM App Connect and call it from IBM Business Process Manager

Although this pick is one of our most recent Connect tutorials, I chose it for its true sense of integration. It shows how you can combine three IBM offerings and Salesforce into one simple solution.

Integrating any valuable business process can often be one of the hardest parts of a project. In the same way that IBM Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) helps developers create powerful business process solutions with minimal and ideally no code, IBM App Connect does for sales and marketing with integration. This article explores how to create an API in App Connect and then create a reusable, external service to call the API in IBM BPM.

Next steps

These articles give you an idea of how the Connect series from IBM can help you jump to the cloud. You can find these articles and more in our library.

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