Track, monitor, and optimize middleware servers with IBM Cloud Product Insights

A single view into your on-premises and cloud-based IBM enterprise software


How do you track the use of your software? How do you know whether that usage is optimized and cost effective? It's a problem many environments struggle with. That's where the IBM® Cloud Product Insights service on IBM Bluemix® comes in.

The Product Insights service includes:

  • Registration and inventory for multiple products
  • Product usage and metric insights
  • Software product version awareness
  • An intelligent cloud services advisor

By using this service, you can automatically register your on-premises and cloud-based software on the cloud and then gain detailed views into instances or groups of instances. You also see recommendations for how you can optimize your existing on-premises and cloud environment.

In this video tutorial, you learn how to use the Product Insights service on IBM Bluemix. This video highlights the features and capabilities of this service, including:

  • Creating an instance
  • Registering a product
  • Accessing the collected usage data for each server instance
  • Viewing the recommendations for Bluemix services to optimize the existing infrastructure of your on-premises and off-premises middleware servers

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To track, manage, and optimize your on-premises or off-premises middleware servers, get started with the IBM Cloud Product Insights service on Bluemix!

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