Build a hybrid cloud solution with IBM PureApplication and Bluemix

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Automating manual processes in your enterprise means greater satisfaction for your customers and innovation and optimization for your organization. This tutorial shows how you can automate your processes with an IBM hybrid cloud solution by using IBM® PureApplication® and IBM Bluemix® to enable new mobile services to your customers. To provide enhanced mobile services, this solution includes a Node.js runtime on Bluemix, Cloudant NoSQL DB and Push Notification services on Bluemix, IBM PureApplication offerings, and an IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) system.

This tutorial highlights a solution in which a fictitious bank, SOF Bank, enabled its customers to dispute unknown credit card charges right from the bank's mobile application. The hybrid cloud solution that the bank developed uses a Node.js app that runs on Bluemix and Bluemix services to communicate with the mobile app. This solution deploys the back-end IBM BPM system on the PureApplication Service, which processes the credit card disputes.

Before SOF Bank implemented the hybrid cloud solution, if customers wanted to dispute credit card charges, they had to call the bank and speak to a representative. To automate this process, the bank created an enhancement where customers can initiate this type of dispute right from their mobile app. When a dispute is initiated, the mobile app triggers a back-end credit card dispute process in the IBM BPM system that is running on the IBM PureApplication Service. In the back-end process, the bank employee views the dispute from the customer and takes instant action to approve or decline the dispute. Then, the mobile app user receives an instant notification about the result of the processed claim.

You can build this hybrid cloud solution in just four steps as explained in this tutorial. Each step includes a brief introduction followed by a short video demonstration that takes you through the step. The tutorial is easier to follow if you have pre-existing knowledge of the IBM Bluemix platform as a service (PaaS) and PureApplication Patterns technology.


Create and manage an automated process using a mobile app

By using the existing SOF Bank mobile application, customers can view their credit card transactions and balance. SOF Bank enhanced these capabilities by enabling customers to locate the bank's branch locations and to initiate a credit card charge dispute. This video shows how customers initiate a credit card charge dispute and how the bank processes it.


Build and run the Node.js app on Bluemix

In the hybrid cloud solution, a Node.js app runs on Bluemix, and the services that are bound to this app provide credit card transaction data and the notification services to SOF Bank's mobile application. The mobile application communicates with the Node.js app to retrieve the branch locations and history of credit card transactions. The Node.js app receives the notifications for a dispute when it is created from the mobile device and when the dispute is processed by the bank. This video shows a quick overview of Bluemix and the available PaaS boilerplates, runtimes, and services in it. Then, it shows how to use Bluemix so that the Node.js app can provide the credit card transaction data and notification services.


Deploy the back-end system

In this hybrid cloud solution, the IBM BPM system runs as the back-end system to process the submitted credit card disputes. This video shows how you can quickly and easily deploy the back-end IBM BPM system on the PureApplication Service in under 2 hours by using the IBM BPM system pattern in PureApplication.


Move the hybrid cloud solution to meet data requirements

Data sovereignty and data privacy are key requirements when building hybrid cloud solutions. The SOF Bank example illustrates how the IBM hybrid cloud solution can meet these key requirements. SOF Bank has both data sovereignty and data privacy requirements where the data needs to be in the same country that the mobile application is used in. Therefore, SOF Bank must move the back-end IBM BPM system on the PureApplication Service and the front-end Node.js application on Bluemix from the Sydney, Australia, data center. The Bank must move them to a data center in the United States (US) for mobile application users in the US.


Port the back-end deployment pattern

This video shows how to easily port the back-end IBM BPM system pattern that is used to deploy the IBM BPM instance to process the credit card dispute. You port this pattern from the IBM PureApplication Service in the Sydney, Australia, data center to an on-premises PureApplication System in the US through the Pattern export/import process.


Redeploy the Node.js application and bound data and push notification services

This video shows how to redeploy the Node.js application and associated data and push notification services that are deployed in Bluemix from the Sydney, Australia, region to the United States region for use by SOF Bank customers in the US.


This tutorial demonstrated an IBM hybrid cloud solution that uses IBM PureApplication with Bluemix to automate a process for SOF Bank. This solution included several Bluemix components, including the Node.js runtime and the Cloudant NoSQL DB and Push Notification Services. It also included PureApplication offerings for IBM Business Process Manager system.

IBM provides three Bluemix PaaS offerings (Public, Local, and Dedicated) with all the necessary runtimes and services. IBM also provides three PureApplication offerings (PureApplication System, Service, and Software) to build IBM hybrid cloud solutions that span private and public clouds. To build a hybrid cloud solution by using the approach that is described in this tutorial, sign up for a 30-day trial account for both Bluemix and PureApplication Service.


Thank you John Santoro and Raghu Kalyanaraman who helped me to build the demonstrations that were used in creating the video recordings.

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