Top Internet of Things articles and tutorials (August 2017)

The developerWorks Internet of Things content manager shares her picks


So many things. So little time. This time around, I've highlighted four of our most popular series of articles from our IBM developerWorks Internet of Things hub.

Check out previous lists of top tutorials for IoT, and see how this list measures up.


IoT 101: Getting started with IoT development

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This developerWorks learning path is a quick-start guide that leads you through key concepts, to choosing hardware and network technologies, to developing your first practical IoT app.


Developing cognitive IoT solutions for anomaly detection by using deep learning

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In this series, you learn the key concepts in deep learning and neural networks, explore a demo use case for anomaly detection for IoT time-series data, and develop your own deep learning system with one of 3 open source solutions (Deeplearning4j, ApacheSystemML, and TensorFlow).


Build a practical IoT app, an air quality monitor

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This author built a tutorial series that introduced MQTT, introduced the NodeMCU IoT development platform, and then demonstrated how to use both MQTT and NodeMCU to build a practical IoT app - an air quality monitor.


Build location-aware IoT apps

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With this two-part tutorial series, you learn how to build PHP apps that use GPS data from a smartphone. The most recent tutorial shows you how to build a PHP app that delivers geo-targeted marketing messages to an IoT device.


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