IBM RFE Community, Release 8

New features


RFE reconsideration

What is RFE reconsideration? In the RFE Community, if an RFE has been previously rejected, you now have the ability to resubmit the RFE for consideration as a new feature for an existing product. The owner of the RFE can resubmit the RFE for consideration 18 months after the original RFE has been rejected.

Voting updates

The RFE Community allows you to vote for RFEs that you place a higher value on as well as RFEs that are of great interest to you or your project. In previous releases of the RFE Community, you were allowed to vote for 10 RFEs. In Release 8, the vote function has been increased to allow you to vote for 500 RFEs. However, you can still only vote for an individual RFE once.

New page design

As you work your way through the RFE Community, you may notice that the pages have an updated look and feel. Applications across all IBM sites are being updated to provide a more streamlined and accessible look and feel. The RFE Community is part of this redesign effort. These page redesigns were incorporated over several releases, but have now been completed with Release 8.

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