IBM RFE Community, Release 5

New features


Products available through the RFE Community

After starting out with Rational® as the main component when released, the RFE Community has expanded to potentially include other IBM brands (although Rational is the only brand currently included in the RFE Community). The other potential brands are:

  • Information Management®
  • Lotus®
  • Rational
  • Tivoli®
  • WebSphere®

The RFE Community now allows you to search, submit, view, or edit RFEs defined specifically for these brands. And, by selecting a specific product within an IBM brand, you can now focus even more on the RFEs you're interested in.

Additionally, by selecting an IBM brand in the right navigation you can go directly to RFE Community pages specific to that brand. Within these pages you'll see only the products and RFEs for that brand.

Copying a group

In some instances, you may want to create a copy of an existing group in the RFE Community—and Release 5 lets you do that. For example, you may want to create a copy of a group so that you can have multiple watchlists. By copying an existing group, you can retain the current group's visibility and membership requests. Other members of the group will receive requests to join the new group, keeping their same roles as with the existing group. However, the new group will have a different name, description, and forum.

My e-mail notifications

From the main RFE Community page, you can go directly to an e-mail notification page that lets you manage all of your e-mail notifications from one location—whether it's your individual RFE watchlist or watchlists for the groups you belong to. From this page, you can subscribe to receive e-mail notifications whenever an RFE on your watchlist or group watchlist is updated. Additionally, if you need to change your e-mail address, you can also change it from this page.

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