IBM RFE Community, Release 21

New features


The RFE Community is a place where you can collaborate with development teams and other product users through your ability to search, view, comment on, submit, and track product requests. You can access the RFE Community through the product feedback link on the developerWorks website.

The community also acts as a front-end database bridged to a back-end Rational ClearQuest database called RATLC, Configuration Management Version Control database called CMVC and Rational Team Concert databases. New submissions, user comments, status changes, and developer comments are bridged between the RFE Community and the databases several times a day. The bridges to the databases allow the development teams to work with the process and tools they are most comfortable with, while allowing our users to collaborate in an open community environment.

To continue the accessibility of the RFE Community from multiple devices, several Community pages have been redesigned so that they are more mobile optimized. These pages are:

  • Group membership and voting
  • My Notifications
  • My RSS feeds
  • Help, inlcuding the Contact us page

Other changes in Release 21 include adding the operating system to the RFE Search download and adding a REST API to get a list of enhancements by a product.

The Group watchlist filtering and grouping has been improved to help product teams analyze and prioritize requests. Teams can now filter requests by both the category and the component and group the requests by the Source and Status. Additional information now included on the Group watchlist page shows you how many members voted for the request, the request rank, and the priority for the request. You can then click on the Voted by option to see a list of which members voted for the request and how they voted.

Downloadable resources

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