IBM RFE Community, Release 14

New features


Request associations

In Release 14, the RFE Community lets you associate requests. If requests have similar enhancements or capabilities, the RFE Community allows you to associate a request with another request. Examples of these request associations are:

  • When there is a dependency between requests
  • When requests are similar, but may have different enhancement or capability details

Customer tracking ID

The customer tracking ID is an ID that may be used in a customer's internal database system. The RFE Community allows you to enter the Customer ID in the request to help you easily track requests and avoid request duplications. This field is private and is only accessible to the request submitter.

Search by RTC and ROCR ID

Release 14 of the RFE Community introduces a new search option for requests. Previously, you could only search for requests using the RATLC number or request ID. Now, you can also search using the the ROCR ID and the RTC ID. The ROCR ID is the ID assigned to an entry in the Rational ClearQuest database. This is only for Rational products. The RTC number is the ID assigned to an entry in the Rational Team Concert database. This is for most brand requests. A request ID is the ID assigned to a request entered directly in the RFE Community. All requests get an RFE Community request ID assigned.

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