IBM RFE Community, Release 12

New features


New design

With Release 12 of the RFE Community comes a new look and feel to the community pages. The community pages now have a tab and subtab navigation, which simplifies the navigation and gives you a clearer picture of the site's organization. From the main RFE Community page, you can navigate to any section of the community, including request searches or submissions, community groups, or specific groups or requests you're interested in. You also get a quick glance at the most recent top 10 requests, the top 10 voted requests, and more.

Release plan items

Also within this release of the RFE Community, product teams are able to associate requests with plan items in the release. From the Releases tab on the main RFE Community page you can select a brand to see all the products with public release plans for that brand. These release plans allow you to review the individual candidate plan items to better understand the content of the release. For any given plan item, you can give your feedback to the product team by voting or commenting on the product roadmap.


Each product release in the RFE Community can have associated themes. Themes provide a way for development teams to categorize plan items in each release. Each release can have multiple themes, and you can filter plan items in the release by the associated themes.

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