IBM RFE Community, Release 11

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Transparent development

Transparent development, an open engagement between IBM development teams and users regarding the development of IBM products, is becoming more and more a reality every day. Feedback from users can determine what products and features are developed, and transparent development gives you access to release plans and early designs.

Having transparent development allows IBM to provide a complete view of product lifecycles and allows you to see that feedback is being considered.

Tivoli Software now offers transparent development through the RFE Community. This transparent development gives you complete visibility to the release plans and plan items for Tivoli software products. Through the Tivoli Integration Portal, you can view the overall progress of plan items in the release as well as the individual status of each plan item. By clicking on a plan item you can get details such as the status, priority, and commitments of the plan item as well as any comments submitted and votes for the feature.

Currently, transparent development is only supported for Tivoli software, but other IBM software groups will be added to future releases of the RFE Community.

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