IBM RFE Community, Release 10

New features


Saved searches

Previously in the RFE Community, you could save your RFE search to a CSV file and then download the file to your system. In Release 10, the RFE Community now gives you the ability to save your preferred searches within the community. You can select your search criteria and save it to make it easier for you to perform the various searches you may do. You can edit your saved search as changes are needed or delete the saved search entirely.

To access your saved searches, navigate to the My saved searches page from the main RFE Community page or the Search RFEs page. From the My saved searches page you can run, rename, delete, or edit the saved search.

Group voting

The RFE Community already allowed you to vote for RFEs that you place a higher value on as well as RFEs that are of great interest to you or your project. Now, in Release 10, the RFE Community allows group voting for RFEs in a group watchlist; any group member, administrator, or owner can see which members have voted on the various RFEs in the group watchlist. Additionally, a user can vote or remove their vote for any given watchlist RFE from within the watchlist.

Submitted RFEs view

The Submitted RFEs view gives you a place to quickly find all recently submitted RFEs. The RFEs are listed in order of the newest RFEs at the top of the list, but can be sorted by the ID, headline, or date. If needed, you can then download the RFEs as a CSS file or an RSS feed.

Announcements and tutorials

Included with Release 10 are two pages to help you when you are working in the RFE Community. The Announcements page, which can be reached from the Spotlight box on the main RFE Community page, gives you the latest updates on what is happening with the community.

The Tutorials page provides demos that show how to use the main features of the RFE Community. The tutorials on this page include:

As additional demos are created they will be added to the Tutorials page.

Downloadable resources

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