Synchronize data with control signals in the InfoSphere Streams Time Series Toolkit

Preserve model relevance even with noisy input time series data

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Bharath Kumar Devaraju and Dattaram Rao

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: June 11, 2013

InfoSphere® Streams is the real-time component of the IBM big data platform. It provides the platform and toolkits for building real-time analytical solutions. The Time Series Toolkit included with Streams includes operators for preprocessing, analyzing, and modeling time series data in real time. Modeling operators in the toolkit use incoming time series data to build an internal model for forecasting or tracking. In real-world scenarios, the incoming data used for model building might become noisy and should be discarded from the model-building process. Also, once the incoming data is clean, the model might have to be retrained. This article provides a solution for this and describes how to synchronize and calibrate the process of model building and operator functions with the quality of incoming data using the control port feature.

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ArticleTitle=Synchronize data with control signals in the InfoSphere Streams Time Series Toolkit