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Applying DevOps concepts to your IBM Business Process Manager project
DevOps, a software methodology that integrates application development and IT operations, continues to gain momentum in IT shops. But there is still a gap in many organizations between talking about DevOps and implementing it effectively. This tutorial provides a brief overview of DevOps and looks at how DevOps concepts can be realized on an IBM Business Process Management (BPM) project.
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15 Jan 2015
Planning a migration to the latest version of IBM BPM and IBM Business Monitor
Learn a successful strategy to plan your migration to IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) V8.5.5 and IBM Business Monitor V8.5.5 and later versions. Migrating your products requires input from both the business and the technical teams responsible for an application. Learn the business planning and preparation requirements and the technical considerations for a migration of IBM BPM and IBM Business Monitor. This tutorial is intended primarily to assist the IT team and business managers, including project managers and solution architects, with planning the migration of an application to the V8.5.5 version of IBM BPM and IBM Business Monitor.
Also available in: Chinese  
11 Feb 2015
Empower business users with collective learning to model their business with IBM Blueworks Live and IBM Industry Models
Learn about how business stakeholders can apply IBM® Industry Models to processes in IBM Blueworks Live™. You can take advantage of collective learning and use IBM Industry Models intuitively, with little or no training: as reference value chains, business operational policies, business decisions and business processes.
02 Sep 2014
1 - 3 of 3 results
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