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Mastering Ajax, Part 1: Introduction to Ajax
Ajax, which consists of HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, and DOM, is an outstanding approach that helps you transform clunky Web interfaces into interactive Ajax applications. The author, an Ajax expert, demonstrates how these technologies work together -- from an overview to a detailed look -- to make extremely efficient Web development an easy reality. He also unveils the central concepts of Ajax, including the XMLHttpRequest object.
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Articles 06 Dec 2005
Program with XML for DB2, Part 3: Program with XML in the client
Learn how to extend the XML model in order to create rich clients using XML data transferred from your application server. Discover how to use Dynamic HTML (DHTML) to present the XML, XPath to navigate the XML and the Document Object Model (DOM) to modify and serialize the XML back to the application server.
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Articles 16 Aug 2007
Solid Ajax applications, Part 2: Building Ajax back ends
Back end processing -- server-side scripts and programs -- can't always be tossed into an Ajax application and behave well. Instead, careful planning to ensure data is sent in an appropriate and efficient form ensures your entire application is cohesive, rather than needlessly complex. Brett McLaughlin explains how a good server-side script complements Ajax behavior.
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Articles 15 Jan 2008
1 - 3 of 3 results
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