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Guide to porting from Solaris to Linux on POWER
Accelerate your porting efforts by following this six-step guide. Learn the differences between Solaris and Linux on POWER that you commonly encounter during a port. Get an introduction to the development environment for Linux running on IBM POWER processor-based systems, and see how Sun's compiler/linker switches compare with those of GNU GCC and the IBM native compiler. Finally, learn about tools for performance analysis and software packaging for Linux on POWER. [This article has been updated to reflect the latest product versions. -Ed.]
Articles 08 Sep 2009
Porting applications to Linux for System z
Server consolidation based on Linux for IBM System z offers advantages, but moving existing applications requires some specialized knowledge. In this article, get general advice on how to organize your porting project, including technical details on mainframe virtualization, byte-ordering, and address calculation specific to System z. This article also covers how development tools (compiler, linker, debugger) are supported on System z, and introduces IBM's free-of-charge Migration Kit for Solaris OS to Linux.
Also available in: Portuguese  
Articles 08 Jun 2012
1 - 2 of 2 results
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