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Discover OpenStack: The Networking component Neutron
This article presents the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) project, explains how it fits into the overall architecture, and shows how it operates. It illustrates Neutron with insight into what it takes to install, configure, and use the components.
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Articles 04 Dec 2013
Use Software Defined Networking to optimize your IaaS
Explore Software Defined Networking (SDN) network management via software abstraction layers as a method to enhance and optimize your Infrastructure as a Service in the areas of interoperability, user and provider expectation management, developer and administrator requirements, and effective risk mitigation.
Articles 24 Jun 2014
Repair cloud virtual machine cloning errors
External data provisioning requirements such as network configurations like IP addresses can cause problems when cloning a virtual machine to use in a new environment. If the external data is not available during the process, the reconfiguration of the VM will likely be incomplete. The authors offer a way to handle this problem, even without much knowledge of the application or without a form of activation scripting to help. Runtime Image Activation (RIA) is a prototype command-line interface that lets you orchestrate networking techniques to make sure your cloned VMs are appropriately configured.
Articles 20 Feb 2012
Make VMware work for you on IBM Cloud, Part 2: Deploy and migrate on-premises VMware workloads to IBM Cloud with these use cases
IBM Cloud for VMware (IC4V) provides a private cloud infrastructure that can be quickly scaled up or down, and allows existing VMware clients to extend or move their workloads into the IBM Cloud. As a follow-up to Part 1, this tutorial explores various use cases for deploying client workloads on IBM Cloud, and shows how to migrate workloads from on premises to IBM Cloud and vice versa. The tutorial provides detailed descriptions of use cases covering software-defined networking and software-defined data center implementations, and explores implementation design for migrating client workloads to IBM Cloud.
Articles 24 Jan 2017
Big data in the cloud
Big data is an inherent feature of the cloud and provides unprecedented opportunities to use both traditional, structured database information and business analytics with social networking, sensor network data, and far less structured multimedia. Big data applications require a data-centric compute architecture, and many solutions include cloud-based APIs to interface with advanced columnar searches, machine learning algorithms, and advanced analytics such as computer vision, video analytics, and visualization tools. This article examines the use of the R language and similar tools for big data analysis and methods to scale big data services in the cloud. It provides an in-depth look at digital photo management as a simple big data service that employs key elements of search, analytics, and machine learning applied to unstructured data.
Articles 09 Jul 2013
Tour the Folsom release of OpenStack
The OpenStack Folsom release debuted in September 2012 and includes exciting new features, such as the introduction of a "core" version of Quantum (networking as a service) and Cinder (block storage), making a block storage as a service offering. Folsom also provides better Open vSwitch integration, which is an advanced network manager for Linux. In this article, install and discover the Folsom release's new features in a fully virtualized approach using KVM.
Articles 20 Feb 2013
The OpenStack network
Networking is an essential part of an IaaS system; that is no different with OpenStack, an open source, Infrastructure as a Service, cloud computing project by Rackspace Cloud and NASA. In this article, the author describes the iptable chains and rules behind the OpenStack Cloud Compute-Nova project, a cloud computing fabric controller (the main part of an IaaS system) written in Python that uses many external libraries. The author details the nova-network FlatDHCPManager component, as well as other OpenStack components. An iptable is a user-space application program that allows a system administrator to configure the tables provided by the Linux kernel firewall.
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Articles 26 Jul 2012
Best practices to accelerate web content delivery in the cloud
Browser-based Software as a Service (SaaS) applications allow companies to connect quickly and easily with users all over the world. However, the ability to deliver these applications consistently, reliably and with high-performance becomes a critical success factor. In this third article in a series on best practices for building multi-tenant applications on the IBM Cloud, the authors address web application performance. They describe a solution that integrates SaaS frameworks with Akamai global edge-delivery platform for reliable web content delivery.
Articles 04 Apr 2011
Configure SoftLayer components for use with Account Defined Network
Learn how to provision and configure the necessary infrastructure components for SoftLayer's new Account Defined Network (ADN) feature. In this tutorial, we show you how to do this by calling REST-based APIs, and use CURL as the command-line utility from the Linux OS to call the REST-based API with a JSON payload. The JSON payload defines all the parameters that are required to create a particular component. We have done thorough testing and troubleshooting on the commands shown here to ensure their correctness. This tutorial can be particularly useful for users who want to automate their infrastructure setup process.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 08 Aug 2017
Identifying network requirements for applications in IBM PureApplication System
Learn how application requirements can affect the network configuration between PureApplication System and the data center. This article introduces the concepts of bandwidth, availability, isolation, and connectivity as they pertain to applications hosted on PureApplication System.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 29 May 2013
Compare performance of virtual agents with real ones
The authors compare running Rational Performance Tester (RPT) agents on a virtual machine with running RPT agents on a "real" machine. The initial results show that running on a virtual machine has more variability in reported response times. Applying network tuning to the virtualized machines reduces the variability and make using virtualized RPT agents acceptable as long as a VM migration does not occur during a performance run.
Articles 17 Aug 2012
Manage a J2EE app with TSAM extensions
IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TSAM) V7.2.2 introduces the extension: A set of TSAM software components that can implement a new IT service automation solution (known as a service definition) or add capabilities to existing service definitions. In this article, the authors explain how to tune the load balancer policy to your system's needs; how to add and remove application servers as the workload of the business application changes; and how to modify the firewall rules and why you might need to do that.
Articles 02 Mar 2012
Deploy a J2EE app with TSAM extensions
IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager (TSAM) 7.2.2 introduces the extension, a set of TSAM software components that can implement a new IT service automation solution (known as a service definition) or add capabilities to existing service definitions. In this article, the authors define a scenario in which the desired result is to securely deploy a three-tiered enterprise application (in this case J2EE) to the cloud. They demonstrate how to set up and provision extensions in TSAM as the first step to accomplishing this task.
Articles 26 Jan 2012
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