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Meet the Object/XML mapping support in Spring
Within the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) community, Spring is becoming a widely accepted framework. One new feature in the latest release of Spring is its Object/XML (O/X) mapping support. The API enables developers to convert Java objects into XML and vice versa. In this article, learn to use the Object/XML mapping in Spring and explore its advantages.
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Articles 20 Oct 2009
Creating a transformation metatype converter with IBM Rational Software Architect
This article shows you how to create a transformation metatype converter using IBM Rational Software Architect. Transformation property values are stored in a transformation configuration file. In order to persist custom types, you need a metatype converter to generate the text that will be placed in the configuration file.
Articles 20 Jan 2009
Tip: Converting from JDOM
Learning to work with JDOM? Well, no API is an island, and in this tip you'll learn how to convert with ease from JDOM to SAX and DOM for fluent programming of XML applications that use all three APIs. The code samples provide examples of converting from JDOM to SAX and from JDOM to DOM.
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Articles 01 Apr 2001
1 - 3 of 3 results
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