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Build Comet applications using Scala, Lift, and jQuery
Web applications have gotten more and more advanced, and users are always expecting more out of them. One of the most advanced features is Comet, also known as reverse Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) or server-side push. Comet allows for browser-based instant messaging, real-time stock quotes, and so on. Advanced Ajax libraries, such as jQuery, make it easy to write Comet applications on the client side, but getting them to scale on the server is still a challenge. That is where the Scala programming language and the Lift Web application framework can step in and deliver a scalable back end for your Comet application. In this tutorial, build a real-time Web auction using these technologies.
Tutorial 24 Mar 2009
Developing with Comet and Java
Explore the different implementations of developing with Comet. See how popular Java Web servers like Jetty and Tomcat have enabled Comet applications, and learn how to program with each server. And finally, learn about the standardization proposals for Comet in Java that are part of the upcoming Servlet 3.0 and JavaEE 6 specifications.
Also available in: Japanese  
Articles 26 May 2009
Comment lines: Erik Burckart: The allure of Comet
Comet style applications are becoming more and more popular in the Web 2.0 world. However, there are many challenges with Comet, not to mention that the infrastructure on which your application will be deployed might not yet be ready for a Comet application.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 07 Nov 2007
Reverse Ajax, Part 3: Web servers and Socket.IO
Learn how to use Comet and WebSockets in your web application for various web containers and APIs. Also learn about Socket.IO, an abstraction library that can be used in a web application with Reverse Ajax. Abstraction libraries, which can be used transparently, hide all of the complexity behind Comet and WebSockets.
Also available in: Japanese  
Articles 30 Aug 2011
Running WebSocket applications on IBM i
WebSocket represents the next evolutionary step in web communication after Comet and Ajax. Both Java™ and Node.js provide support for server side WebSocket. mod_proxy_wstunnel is a new module of Apache 2.4 that provides support for the tunneling of web socket connections to a back-end WebSocket server. These features can be bundled together to run WebSocket solutions on IBM i. This article illustrates how to create different WebSocket server-side implementations and associate them with the Apache HTTP Server to run WebSocket applications on IBM i.
Articles 25 Feb 2016
1 - 5 of 5 results
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