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Exploring the WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for SCA, Part 7: Using Atom and JSON-RPC for Web 2.0 support
The IBM WebSphere Application Server V7.0 Feature Pack for Service Component Architecture (SCA) provides Web 2.0 support for SCA by enabling Atom and JSON-RPC access protocol to SCA services. The feature pack also enables the SCA programming model in HTML and JavaScript so that that HTML can access SCA services through SCA references using Web 2.0 connectivity.
Articles 20 Jan 2010
An introduction to Mashups4JSF
Creating mashups in web applications can be a headache. Developers need to know intensive JavaScript, RSS and Atom parsing, JSON parsing, and parsing of other formats. Adding to these complexities, they also need to study the low level APIs provided by the mashup service providers and write a great deal of code to integrate their JSF applications. Mashups4JSF is an open source project in incubation that aims at integrating mashup services with the JSF world. Developers will be able to construct rich and customized mashups by using simple tags. The aim of Mashups4JSF is to have an integrated set of tags and APIs that produces a maintainable mashup application. This article illustrates the architecture of Mashups4JSF, configuration of the library, and creating a mashup application with few lines of code, using Mashups4JSF and the IBM JWL (JSF Widget Library) on the WebSphere application server 7.0.
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Articles 13 Jul 2010
The 10 best of the newest content in the XML zone
Every month, we publish lists of the Top 10 articles and tutorials -- a dependable list of the most-read pieces in the XML zone. Some articles and tutorials seem to be on that list almost every month, a tribute to their quality and ability to meet the needs of developers. What about the ones that just missed getting on that list? What about the new articles that are climbing their way up the ranks but haven't made it (yet)? As 2009 draws to a close, we decided to reveal the most popular articles and tutorials we published this year. (And, yes, we do know the title says 10 but we actually list more.)
Articles 21 Dec 2009
SOA meets situational applications, Part 2: Building the IBM Situational Applications Environment
The first article of this series explained the applicability of Web-based situational applications (SAs) to the enterprise, their relationship to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and how they can be used to improve the current state of corporate IT. This article describes the IBM experience in building the Situational Applications Environment (SAE), which has been developed to support the community-based computing that takes advantage of both traditional SOA and emerging Web 2.0 technologies and approaches.
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Articles 10 Jan 2008
1 - 4 of 4 results
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