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Create BlackBerry applications with open source tools, Part 2: Building an RSS reader
In the same way that open source has revolutionized the software development marketplace, the proliferation of alternative news sources has shaken up the traditional news-source monopolies. Today, you can get free news from various Internet sources and from the Internet outlets of the mainstream media. Trekking from one Web site to another to read news stories is possible, but tedious. And what about updates to news stories of interest? Wouldn't it be better if the news of interest is aggregated for your convenience? You can do it with an RSS reader for BlackBerry. Here in Part 2 of this "Create BlackBerry applications with open source tools" series, explore the RSS data-distribution format by creating a BlackBerry RSS reader suitable for taking news wherever you and your BlackBerry go.
Tutorial 17 Feb 2009
Convert your Twitter lists to RSS
Parse the HTML output from a Twitter widget into an RSS feed that can be used in feed readers, IFTTT recipes, and custom applications.
Also available in: Chinese   Japanese  
Tutorial 25 Apr 2016
Understanding the Zend Framework, Part 4: When there is no feed, the Zend_HTTP_Client
This "Understanding the Zend Framework" series chronicles the building of an online feed reader, Chomp, while explaining the major aspects of using the open source PHP Zend Framework. Part 3 explained how to use the Zend Framework to construct your online feed reader, Chomp, by creating an interface to subscribe to and read feeds, and to save feed entries into the database. Now you will learn how to use the Zend Framework to incorporate Web sites that do not support RSS feeds into the online feed-reader interface.
Articles 18 Jan 2011
Understanding the Zend Framework, Part 1: The basics
It has been four years since this series was first published, and since then, the Zend Framework has grown up to become one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Technical alliances with companies such as Abobe, Microsoft, and IBM, have strengthened the support and stability of the framework, which is now used by startups and Fortune 500 companies around the world. This article gives you a high-level view of the Zend Framework, explaining its general concepts and preparing you for the rest of this "Understanding the Zend Framework" series, which goes into the details by chronicling the creation of a new online RSS/Atom feed reader. You won't do much coding here, but for the rest of the series, you should be familiar with PHP.
Also available in: Japanese   Portuguese  
Articles 18 Jan 2011
1 - 4 of 4 results
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