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Open source

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Cognitive computing

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Cloud computing

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IBM Ready Apps on developerWorks Open

IBM Mobile Innovation Lab offering manager Aly Cabral talks with Scott Laningham about IBM Ready Apps, a suite of seven open source apps available on developerWorks Open.



An open, technology-fueled business renaissance

Scott Laningham and Angel Diaz discuss OpenWhisk, Blockchain, IBM's commitment to open tech, and the Cloud Dragon Dojo.



IBM brings Swift to the cloud

At Open Tech Summit 2016, IBM Mobile CTO John Ponzo talks about Swift being released as an open source project.

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SoftLayer and Open Source

Strategists Angel Diaz and Marc Jones discuss why the global reach of cloud data centers is important for developers, and give you a head start on SoftLayer.

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Connecting Twilio to your IBM Bluemix, Python application

This recipe will help you connect your gateway and devices behind the gateway to IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform.

A cognitive application that enables voice interaction between people and machines

See how the Watson Text-to-Speech service on Bluemix can facilitate communication between devices and humans.

Bluemix Watson APIs quickstart using the Java SDK

Learn how to quickly create a Java application that uses Watson APIs.