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Go deeper with IBM Code

Dig into DevOps use cases. Access the code, join the community, and start solving your programming challenges.


How and why to measure DevOps outcomes

Get the three critical metrics to measure the success of DevOps initiatives.


DevOps from APIs to z Systems for Dummies eBook

Learn how DevOps can work within large scale existing organizations, including: best practices for z Systems, applying open source tools to z Systems, building for the digital economy, & more.


Putting the Ops in DevOps for Dummies eBook

Learn about optimizing operational insights into application & infrastructure behaviors, & associated business outcomes.


Continuous Testing for Dummies eBook

Learn: why to test earlier & often, how to automate the right set of tests & simulate what's missing, reduce costs, speed delivery, shift left, & begin your testing journey, & more.


Running Jenkins CI/CD deployments in an IBM Cloud private environment

Learn how to set up Jenkins in an IBM Cloud private cluster & explore how to use Jenkins to automate the process of building & adding images in your cluster.

Creating a simple toolchain with DevOps

Create a toolchain for continuous delivery of a Cloud Foundry Application

Continuously deploy your applications to IBM Cloud using CircleCI

Setup your project & use CircleCI to automatically deploy a NodeJS application to IBM Cloud.


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Continuous testing is more than just executing test scripts. Get the real scoop on continuous testing and its benefits in this myth busting webinar.

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Learn 12 key organizational transformation practices to help you successfully adopt agile, not just as a project methodology, but as an organization-wide philosophy.

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Get a detailed scenario based on a real product line problem and solution so you can grow your product line without chaos.

DevOps experts talk about the DevOps village of infrastructure & members that creates the community you need for your enterprise DevOps transformation.

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You can have both stability & innovation, find out how.

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Learn how to make GitHub work for you.




Three steps to create a DevOps toolchain with Watson

Rapidly set up a customized DevOps environment for app delivery in the cloud using toolchains.



Introducing IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery

Accelerate your transformation with integrated tools that support development, deployment & operations tasks.



The DevOps Handbook

An interview with Gene Kim, one of the authors of the definitive guide to help you survive the changing world of DevOps.

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Understanding DevOps

Learn about DevOps from the author of DevOps for Dummies.



Availability Monitoring for IBM Cloud Applications

Run simulated tests from locations around the world 24X7 to proactively detect, isolate & diagnose performance issues of your application.



DevOps for IBM z Systems

Transform software delivery into an enterprise capability integrated across multiple platforms & technologies.

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