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Quick-start tutorials — Node apps

1. Deploy and update an app

Fork (copy) an existing app, deploy it to Bluemix, and then make changes to the running app. All the code you need is provided, and no setup is needed.

Laurens lovely landscapes app

2. Add a cloud service to a running app

Bind a service (a MongoDB database management service) to your app. Then restart your app, and browse and update the contents of your MongoLab database.

Laurens lovely landscapes app

3. Plan and make enhancements to your app

Plan updates to your app using DevOps Services. Then add a new service (Twilio text notifications) to your app and write code to use that service.

Laurens lovely landscapes app

Quick-start tutorial — mobile apps

Build a real-time chat app with Node-RED in 5 minutes

Use the Node-RED starter in Bluemix to get a set of nodes ready to be wired together and used.

Node-RED chat app

Quick-start videos — Java apps

Develop and manage Java apps with IBM Bluemix and DevOps Services (8 videos)

These 8 videos show you everything you need to know to get started with an agile Java development project. Start by finding and forking a Java app in less than 3 minutes, and continue with automatic builds and deployments, collaboration, tracking, and planning.

Java apps with Bluemix