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IBM code

Go deeper with IBM Code

Dig into data and analytics use cases. Access the code, join the community, and start solving your programming challenges.

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Learning paths

Data science fundamentals

Get the data science foundations level 2 badge upon completion. Courses include: Data science 101, Data science methodology, R101, and Data science hands-on with open source tools.

Big Data fundamentals

An introduction to tools including Apache Hadoop & Apache Spark Frameworks, which enable data to be analyzed on mass.

Data science for business

Get the principles of data science to explore data privacy, regression analysis, text analytics, data visualization & predictive modeling to promote topical awareness.

Scala programming for data science

Learn Scala if you are an aspiring or a seasoned data scientist (or data engineer) who plans to work with Apache Spark to tackle big data with ease.

Data science with R

Learn about data analysis, visualization, machine learning, & big data.

Deep learning

Apply deep learning on different data types to solve real world problems.




Working with Spark

Build SQL series that extract data with Spark extension libraries.



Produce visualizations for US food insecurity

Learn to analyze data in this replay of a tech talk.



Working with R

Run Shiny applications in RStudio.

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Create a DeepLearning based anomaly detector using SystemML

Use DeepLearning4J and Apache SystemML on Apache Spark to create an anomaly detector.



Work with community notebook

Analyze precipitation data using a Python-based community notebook.



Data science and Watson slash building energy costs

See how to render mountains of relatively inaccessible data into simple, useful insights about building energy efficiency.

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