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Stay ahead of the technology curve with these experimental services and technologies for cloud, cognitive computing, Internet of Things, and analytics apps.

IBM Bluemix experimental services

Play around with these experimental services in your test environment, but do not use them in your production environments.

They're evolving rapidly, and some changes to them may not be backwards compatible.

Integration Testing

Integration Testing service

Automate your testing for your Bluemix apps and use a shared dashboard to discover the quality of the services and app components in the system.

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WordPress on Bluemix

WordPress on Bluemix service

Get a WordPress website up and running on Bluemix, with IBM Object Storage to manage media files, SendGrid to integrate email, and a ClearDB MySQL database.

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Mobile Quality Extensions

Mobile Quality Extensions service

Assess and optimize mobile app performance and progressively determine app quality before you release your app through Dark Launch.

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IBM Globalization

Mobile Quality Extensions service

Rapidly create, maintain, and revise translations for the UI of your Bluemix application. Seamlessly translate English source strings in to up to eight other languages.

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IBM Probabilistic Match

Probabalistic Match service

Get a 360 view of your customer by indexing, matching, and searching your records across your data sets.

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Get going with IBM Bluemix

Review the quick start demos and quick start guides for IBM Bluemix.

Check out the IBM Bluemix Developer Center.

Complete the labs posted in their how-to topics.

Cloud technologies

  Explore both IBM Bluemix and SoftLayer along with the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer

Deploy signature patterns to see how you can accelerate time to value and simplify application management. Businesses can harness the power of patterns and deploy applications on and off premise within the cloud in less time by using IBM PureApplication Service on Softlayer​.

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IBM Bluemix Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Check out IBM Bluemix as an integrated hybrid cloud platform. Coming soon is Bluemix Local, a fully managed service behind the firewall, that lets you focus on apps, not infrastructure.

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Open Source Cloud Technologies on IBM Bluemix

Bluemix brings together several of the most exiciting open source cloud technologies, Cloud Foundry, Docker Containers, and OpenStack VMS, to help you build and run apps by using the right combination of abstraction and flexibility.

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IBM Cloud Marketplace

Check out the IBM Cloud Marketplace Developer Center.

Learn how you can get started with cloud innovations.

Watson technologies

  Explore the latest innovations with Watson services.

Cognitive Services on Bluemix

Cognitive services such as Watson Personality Insights let you understand, connect to, and communicate with others on a more contextual and personalized level.

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Watson in the Wild

Check out the IBM Watson Developer Center.

Follow the steps in the quick start guide to begin developing cool apps with Watson services for Bluemix.

Internet of Things technologies

  Try out connecting to Internet-enabled devices.

Internet of Things on Bluemix

Set up and manage connected devices so that your apps can access their live and historical data.

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Connect devices with IBM Internet of Things

Check out the IBM Internet of Things Developer Center.

Use the quick start guide to set up and connect your first IoT devices.

Big Data and Analytics technologies

  Explore how you can implement analytics for your big data.

Big SQL technology preview

Access your data in Hadoop (HDFS and HBase). Apply to participate in the Big SQL Technology Preview program. You will get access to a free course on and access to a Hadoop cluster to explore and query data in the hands-on labs.

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IBM Cloud Analytics

Check out the IBM Cloud Analytics Application Services Developer Center.

Learn how you can get started with building high performance analytics and big data cloud solutions in minutes.