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Stay ahead of the technology curve with these experimental services and technologies for cloud, cognitive computing, Internet of Things, and analytics apps.

IBM Bluemix experimental boilerplates, runtimes, and services

Play around with these experimental boilerplates, runtimes, and services in your test environment, but do not use them in your production environments. They're evolving rapidly, and some changes to them may not be backwards compatible.

  • Bluemix Labs Catalog

    Rapidly prototype and build apps in the cloud with these experimental boilerplates, runtimes, and services.

More information about Bluemix technologies

Cloud technologies

Explore IBM Bluemix, SoftLayer, and the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

More information about cloud technologies

Watson technologies

Explore the latest innovations with Watson services.

  • Cognitive services on IBM Bluemix

    Cognitive services allow your app to learn, reason, and consider context. The more data that you feed your app, the smarter it gets.

More information about cognitive computing and Watson technologies

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies

Try out connecting to Internet-enabled devices.

More information about Internet of Things (IoT) technologies

Big Data and Analytics technologies

Explore how you can implement analytics for your big data.

More information about Big Data and Analytics technologies

Try building on IBM's cloud platform

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