Enhance Ajax development with a fusion of jQuery, ZK, and Java code

Quickly reap benefits of both server- and client-side programming

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Lance Lu and Sachin K Mahajan

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: October 19, 2010

Using jQuery to communicate with a server-side Java™ application is straightforward. When developing enterprise web applications, though, code becomes complex, and secure communication between the server and client using jQuery becomes very time-consuming and error-prone. It would be much easier if you could implement the entire application in pure Java code. Want to control the business logic and leverage all the benefits of client-side control? In this article, learn to use ZK tools and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) technologies to enhance your Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax) application development—without giving up client-side functions.

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ArticleTitle=Enhance Ajax development with a fusion of jQuery, ZK, and Java code