Demystifying Extreme Programming, "XP distilled" revisited, Part 1

Cutting through the hype of XP

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Roy Miller

Date archived: December 19, 2016 | First published: August 13, 2002

Object-oriented programming in the Java language has become immensely popular. It is even revolutionizing software development to some degree. Still, recent studies show that half of all software development projects are late, and one-third are over budget. The problem isn't the technology; it's the way we develop software. So-called "agile" approaches coupled with the power and flexibility of object-oriented languages like Java, just might be the answer. The most popular agile approach is called Extreme Programming, or XP, but many people don't really know what it is. Using XP on your software development projects can increase your chances of success dramatically. This new column by Roy Miller, which begins by revisiting his popular article, "XP distilled," will strip away the rumors and the hype to help you understand XP and explain why it is so important. Roy will also be on hand to discuss XP in the associated discussion forum.

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