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Top Java tutorials from 2015

Read up on the Vaadin framework, the Akka toolkit, and using Maven with IBM Bluemix DevOps services


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This content is part of the series:Notes from developerWorks Technology

Stay tuned for additional content in this series.

developerWorks publishes hundreds of original tutorials every year. We put a lot of effort into every single piece of content on the site, so it pains us when we know something great isn't getting the attention it deserves. Here, I showcase the top tutorials published for Java developers in 2015.

Compelling UX in Java with Vaadin

Take advantage of the latest advances in HTML5 and JavaScript to create a compelling user experience — without having to master any of those technologies first! The Vaadin framework deploys them for you while you focus on what you already know: Java coding. developerWorks reader (and editor!) favorite, Sing Li, offers this one-two punch designed to help you not only gain a deep understanding of the framework, but also use it to deploy an app to Bluemix.

Read the tutorial:
"Full-stack Java web dev with Vaadin"

Read the tutorial:
"Develop full-stack Java apps with Vaadin in the cloud"

Building actor applications with Akka

Longtime contributor Dennis Sosnoski concluded his discussion on Akka, a toolkit and runtime for building concurrent and distributed JVM applications, with a look at how to structure an actor system. We're sure you'll find that the actor approach makes it easy to create highly scalable programs with asynchronous execution.

Read the tutorial:
"Building actor applications with Akka"

Build, test, and deploy a Java application to Bluemix automatically with Maven

Apache Maven is a powerful build tool for Java-based projects, automatically resolving dependencies on components or plug-ins required for the build process by downloading them from a Maven repository. In this tutorial, Data scientist Romeo Kienzler shows you how to use the Bluemix DevOps Services delivery pipeline in conjunction with Maven. You'll learn both how to configure the Bluemix DevOps Services pipeline for a prebuilt Maven project and how to develop a Maven project from scratch before you use the delivery pipeline.

Read the tutorial:
"Use Maven with the Bluemix DevOps Services delivery pipeline"

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  • "Introduction to Actors Systems" (Josh Suereth, DevNexus conference): Josh Suereth designs a distributed search service with Akka using actors, delivering along the way a great overview of many of the great features offered by Akka.


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