Java theory and practice, Kill bugs dead

Inspection tools like FindBugs provide a second layer of defense against common coding errors

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Brian Goetz

Date archived: February 27, 2017 | First published: June 29, 2004

Most advice on programming style is aimed at creating high-quality, maintainable code, which makes sense because the easiest time to fix a bug is before the bug is created (an ounce of prevention . . .). Unfortunately, prevention is not always enough, and while some fine tools exist to help you create good code, fewer tools are available to help you analyze, maintain, or improve the quality of existing code. This month, columnist Brian Goetz builds on Chris Grindstaff's earlier Introduction to FindBugs and shows you how this static analysis tool can help you analyze your code for compliance with design principles that have been discussed in past issues of this column.

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