Crossing borders, The beauty of Lisp

The El Dorado of programming languages

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Bruce Tate

Date archived: May 16, 2019 | Last updated: February 07, 2007|First published: February 06, 2007

Lisp has long been recognized as one of the great programming languages. The fanatical following it has inspired throughout its long history -- nearly 50 years -- tells you it's something special. At MIT, Lisp plays a foundational role in the curriculum for all programmers. Entrepreneurs like Paul Graham used Lisp's incredible productivity as the jet fuel for successful startups. But to the chagrin of its followers, Lisp never made it into the mainstream. As a Java™ programmer, if you spend some time with Lisp -- this lost city of gold -- you'll discover many techniques that will change the way you code, for the better.

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