AOP@Work, Introducing AspectJ 5

A first look at Java 5 support in AspectJ, and other new features

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Adrian Colyer

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: July 12, 2005

Now in its second milestone build, AspectJ 5 is a big leap forward for aspect-oriented programming on the Java™ platform. A major focus of AspectJ 5 is on providing support for the new Java language features introduced in Java 5, including annotations and generics. In addition, the language contains new features not tied to Java 5, such as an annotation-based style for writing aspects, improved load-time weaving, and a new aspect instantiation model. Get a first look at AspectJ 5 from Adrian Colyer, lead developer on the project, as he introduces you to both the AspectJ 5 language and the release containing the AspectJ compiler and associated tools.

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