Sample code: Identify the tone of written text with the Watson Tone Analyzer service

Use the node.js API for the Watson Tone Analyzer service


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About this code

This code shows you how to use the node.js API for the Watson Tone Analyzer service. Given some text, Watson evaluates the tone, looking for qualities such as the speaker's levels of anger, disgust, joy, fear, and sadness.

The code has two basic sections:

  1. The main() method. This is the entry point to the code. It creates the ToneAnalyzerV3 object and then invokes the tone() method.
  2. A set of default parameters and the code that runs this module if it is invoked by itself (as opposed to being invoked by a require() statement). See the node.js documentation for more information on the implications of the require.main === module statement.
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This code takes a string as input and analyzes the tone of the text. The call to the Watson Tone Analyzer service is wrapped in a JavaScript Promise to handle the asynchronous nature of the service. See the overview of the Tone Analyzer service or the github repo for the Watson node.js API for more information.

Try changing the text to see what happens.

Using this code once deployed

To use this code once you've deployed it, you must create an instance of the Watson Tone Analyzer service:

To invoke the code, pass a JSON structure that matches the defaultParameters object as shown above with the following changes:

  1. The username, password, and url fields must be filled in with the credentials for your Tone Analyzer service instance.
  2. The use_unauthenticated field must be false.

For more information, see the developerWorks tutorial Invoking actions on the IBM Cloud Functions platform.

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