Java is still the best language for enterprise development, and enterprises are moving to the cloud. Follow along with this handy guide to bring your skills in line with the new development landscape.

Step 1: Get started programming in the Java language

Java language basics

Learn about object-oriented programming on the Java platform.

Beyond the basics

Explore the syntax and libraries needed for complex, real-world Java applications.

Java 8 language changes

Get details on lambda expressions and changes to interface classes.

Step 2: Get to know the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile

Introducing the Liberty Profile

A highly composable, ultra-fast, ultra-light profile of IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Download WAS Liberty

Get started today with one of three great options.

WebSphere Liberty for Java EE developers

Dive deeper: An on-ramp for experienced Java EE developers

Step 3: Move your Java apps to the cloud

Bluemix fundamentals, Java track

Deploy your first app.

Liberty app accelerator

Your starting point for creating Java appss that run on WebSphere.

Tutorials using the Java for Liberty runtime

Develop, deploy, and scale Java web apps.

Additional resources

WASdev developer center

A fast, lightweight, modular Java application server supporting the latest Web and open standards.

Java on the IBM Cloud

A collection of labs, code, and tutorials to enhance your Java application development on IBM Bluemix.

Bluemix Developers Community

Get started with videos, community, docs, events, and more.

Next steps


Develop in the cloud.

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Trials and downloads

Enhance your development.