The IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer help you debug generic Java applications and specific IBM software products.

IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer Overview

The IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer offer both additional capabilities for debugging generic Java applications, and capabilities for debugging specific IBM software products by building knowledge of those products into the extensions. Extensions are currently available for:

Using the IBM Extensions for Memory Anayzer will enable you to:

Features and benefits

The IBM extensions provide two types of additional features to Memory Analyzer:

Always on Extensions

Some IBM extensions are "always on," meaning that various views show additional information about an object, either by adding more information next to the object, or by replacing the object name with something more meaningful. In the case shown below, the selected object now describes how many sessions are in the MemoryStore, and what Web application those sessions are for: "PlantsByWebSphere at /PlantsByWebSphere currently with 1000 sessions plus 109038 overflow sessions". With the IBM Extensions the object now immediately describes the origin of the memory use.

Sessions in the MemoryStore Figure 1. Sessions in the MemoryStore


In the Dominator tree view (which is a list of objects that together retain the entire Java heap), the classloader grouping replaces the name of the class loader with a description of what it loads. For example, the selected class loader in the screenshot below now shows that it is the class loader for the PlantsByWebSphere Web application.

Dominator tree view Figure 2. Dominator tree view


Pull down menu extensions

A number of the IBM extensions are executable queries that can be found under the Query Browser pull down menu. The IBM Extensions can be found under the IBM Extensions category and are divided into four sub-categories: Utilities, Java SE Runtime, CICS Transaction Gateway, and WebSphere Application Server.

These pull down menu extensions provide reports on different aspects of the IBM software. Below are some examples:

System requirements

IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer is installed within the IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java -- Memory Analyzer tool available in the IBM Support Assistant (ISA) and the open source Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool (MAT).

The extensions support the following formats:

However it is recommended that either IBM SDK for Java JExtracted System Dumps or HPROF binary heap dumps as these contain additional data that the extensions leverage.


To install the IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer into Eclipse Memory Analyzer use the IEMA features from the IEMA Update site.

Note: To read dumps from IBM Virtual Machines for Java you will also need to install DTFJ.

Contact information

For comments specific to this download please send mail directly to us.

Speak to the developers at the IEMA forum.

Additional resources

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