Where to get fixes for IBM 32-bit SDK for AIX™, Java™ Technology Edition, Version 7

IBM 32-bit SDK for AIX™, Java™ Technology Edition, Version 7 fixes since GA

APAR # Fullversion Java7 fileset level Service refresh
IV71458 pap3270sr8fp10ifix-20150313_01 SR8 FP10 + IV70681
IV68290 pap3270sr8fp10-20141219_01 SR8 FP10
IV65383 pap3270sr8-20141026_01 SR8
IV62356 pap3270sr7fp1-20140708_01 SR7 FP1
IV59133 pap3270sr7-20140410_01 SR7
IV54036 pap3270sr6fp1_20140108_01 SR6 FP1
IV51259 pap3270sr6-20131015_01 SR6
IV44815 pap3270sr5-20130619_01 SR5
IV41154 pap3270sr4fp2-20130426_01 SR4 FP2
IV38129 pap3270sr4fp1-20130325_01 SR4 FP1
IV37596 pap3270sr4ifx-20130305_01 SR4+IV37419
IV30538 pap3270sr3-20121025_01 SR3
IV26225 pap3270sr2-20120901_01 SR2
IV20636 pap3270sr1-20120330_01 SR1

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List of defects that have been fixed for this Java release

Are fixes cumulative?

Typically, APARs are not cumulative, because each APAR corresponds to fixes for a subset of filesets. Different APARs can have different subsets of filesets. However, the individual filesets will contain cumulative fixes. Check the version.release.modification.fix (vrmf) number to compare fileset levels.

How do I know if I have installed the latest code?

There are different ways to determine the level of code on your system: