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fixes.html for ca1411ifx-20041029a
BuildDefectAPARPrefixSun Bug IDDescription
1.4.0 GA Release (ca1401-20021126)
hs1401-2002121156362-cN/ANull Pointer exception from DvConsole on dis cls
hs1401-2002121156557-cN/AFix for KEEP-Alive problems for JSSE
hs1401-2002121156733.1-c*N/AThread.setContextClassLoader expensive
ha1401-2002121156811-cN/AJExtract wrong subsystem on AIX
jit501-2002121256539-cN/Agraphical display is not painting correctly
as1401-2002121257084-cN/AJEditorPane & html files focus problem
jit501-2002121856667-cN/ACrash in release_m_block()
jit501-2002121857106-cN/A-Xquickstart causes JVMPI Heap Dump error
hs1401-2002121957132-cN/AConsole.encoding support added to PrintStream
hs1401-2002121957197-cN/AConsider no -Dconsole.encoding in PrintStream constructor
hs1401-2002121957292-cN/AConsole.encoding support added to PrintWriter
as1401-2002122157337-c4697178JavaHelp does not interpret %20 Java1.4's
jit501-2002122356859-cN/ASIGSEGV received with JIT ON
ha1401-2003010257256-cN/AThread creating a socket fails to receive Interrupt continously
hs1401-2003010857428-cN/ASpecific class causes JVMPI Heap Dump err
xs1401-2003011057415-cN/Awhen DatagramSockets timeset is set to 0
hs1401-2003011057444-c4465503Authentication problems with connections using socks
hs1401-2003011757664-cN/AAccessController.doPrivileged() can't find run() in parent clas
ha1401-2003011757716-cN/Alaunching java with relative path gives coredump
orb1401-2003012056921-cN/ANPE at client with evolved class
orb1401-2003012156919-cN/ANo service contexts when 1st reply is UserException
orb1401-2003012257642-cN/ARAS improvement
jit501-2003012357727-cN/AAbstract: JavaVM coredump with GUI operation
xs1401-2003012457437IY39117cN/APorts are in the LISTEN state.
hs1401-2003012558012-cN/AModifications to console.encoding support for SAP
ha1401-2003012857806IY39712cN/ALarge environment size causes Java to hang during startup
hs1401-2003013158138-cN/Anew version jsse
hs1401-2003020358144-cN/AResults from java.util.Calendar class is wrong
au1401-2003020656496.2-c*N/AIcon can not be set in Frame
jit501-2003020658222-cN/AJIT on & IBM_MIXED_MODE_THRESHOLD=0 causes ACCESS VIOLATION
ha1401-2003022058678IY40767cN/ADeadlock between GC thread and thread calling Thread.interrupt
jit501-2003022158763-cN/AArraycheck abends in Arraycheck_Bwd_Init_Dataflow_B
jit501-2003022658047-cN/AWith JIT on WAS application server restarts itself.
orb1401-2003030458807-cN/Armic mangling leading undescore in rmi-iiop method names
as1401-2003030559119-c4667544AWT Toolkit getSystemEventQueue returns wrong event queue
as1401-2003030658930-c4715649Key events are not being consumed during focus traversal
hs1401-2003030759141-cN/APAR003 Class, "com/ibm/cim/directory/CimDocument", not found
hs1401-2003031259427-cN/ANPE trying to access a .htm file from a zip file
hs1401-2003031359398-cN/AJDB crash when threadgroup name is null
hs1401-2003031359458-cN/ACrash in java/util/zip/ZipFile.getEntry() native method
au1401-2003031558965-cN/AJava coredumps in Xt/Xm calls
hs1401-2003031559563-cN/Aadded BMPString support
jit501-2003031559575-cN/AJIT compiler fails org.apache.fop.fonts.TTFSubSetFile.readFont
jit600-2003040159849-cN/ARunning java and javac coredumps
jit600-2003040859954-cN/ASIGSEGV in dopt_shrink_dag
jit600-2003041460151-cN/AJIT failing to add integers
orb141-2003041860499-cN/ASupport Runtime ServiceContext with 3rd party ValueHandler
orb141-2003042959819-cN/AWorkaround for Visibroker noncompliance
as141-20030430a60459.1-c*N/ATurkish short date format is incorrect
jit600-2003050160581-cN/AError with method called in return()
jit600-2003050260198-cN/Ajava.exe of ManagedServer was downed by access violation
jit600-2003050260765-cN/ACode enters infinite loop where it should logically not do so.
hs141-2003050760893.1-c*N/AConstraint violation error
as141plug-2003050961001-cN/ATVT:Wrong copyright information in HTMLCONVERTER
as141-2003050961033-cN/AChanges in Windows font desktop property not reflected in swing
hs141-2003051061076.1-c*N/ unknown protocol:htpps
hs141-2003051361238-cN/ANullPointerException is thrown when trying to parse the PKCS7 c
hs141-2003051461284-cN/ALDAP hang w/ bad password on Linux ia 32-bit using JSSE
hs141-2003051661354-cN/Ahs141 equivalent of 60474
1.4.1 GA Release (ca141-20030522)[59]
hs141-2003061261914-cN/ SSL Failure
hs141-2003061361974-cN/A-debug/-Xdebug can be picked up from application arguments
jit600-2003061461455-cN/ANPE thrown when JIT turned on, not thrown when JIT OFF
hs141-2003070162525-cN/AClassLoader.getResource returns an invalid path
hs141-2003070362570-cN/ADefect in Class.getResourceAsStream in 131/14.
jit600-2003070459715-cN/ASIGILL raised in libjitc.a
jit600-2003070459736-cN/AJava.exe crashes with user.dmp
jit600-2003070460641-cN/AFailed assert handeling JIT raised exception
jit600-2003070461404-cN/ASytem hangs but when JIT is disabled works fine
hs141-2003070461518-cN/AUpdated ibmpkcs.jar to support non standard encoding in s/mime
orb141-2003070461819-cN/AWAS 5.0 classloader issue
hs141-2003070461845-cN/AString conversion from MS932 to UTF-8 encoding inappropriate
hs141-2003070462014-cN/Aconsole.encoding not supported for write method
hs141-2003070462201-cN/A-Xss option for kernels less than 2.4.9 on SMP
hs141-2003070462216IY45581cN/AGC Hang problem
hs141-2003070462230-cN/ABackout defect 58815 fix
hs141-2003070462233-cN/Aunnecessary locking in classloader
as141-2003070462263-cN/AText pasted into an HTML table is not visible.
hs141-2003070462491-cN/ illegal parameter
orb141-2003070857935.1-c*N/AORBs on a multi-homed machine
jit600-2003070861392-cN/AJIT: Clone of 60198 which did not fix cust problem
hs141-2003070862734-cN/AFix Sun Security Bulletin 00114 and more
jit600-2003071161071-cN/A100% CPU Utilization
jit600-2003071260564-cN/AIllegalMonitorStateException - Hashtable.get
as141-2003071562863-cN/AEuro Sign not supported in Chinese CharSet
jit600-2003071862266-cN/ASIGSEGV received in _hpiSaveContext
jit600-2003071862855-cN/A-Xss option for kernels less than 2.4.9 on SMP
hs141-2003071962955-cN/AClasses from the current directory are incorrectly loaded
as141-2003071963000-cN/AEuro sign single-byte support for GB18030
jit600-2003072962140-cN/ASoverign VM fails to run eclipse automated tests with JIT ON
orb141-2003072962569-cN/Asocket.keepAlive() is not implemented in WAS5.0
jit600-2003073062804-cN/ALooping in Commoning_Iterate_Dataflow_B
jit600-2003073162420-cN/ANull pointer Exception,
jit600-2003080462710-cN/ACompiling String.indexOf sign-extends '\u00a4' to ffa4
ha141-2003080563213IY46976cN/AClose method of ServerSocketChannel never
as141-2003080663415-cN/Ano focus indication for JSpinner
orb141-2003080763170-cN/AExcess trace statements while trace is off
hs141-2003080863460-cN/AJSSE Fixes
jit600-2003080963013-cN/AApplication crash in dataflow_arraycheck
as141-2003081363409-cN/ALRM characters are Displayed in English and Arabic Presentation
hs141-2003081463495-cN/AThread Pooling for RMI Connection Handlers
hs141-2003081463622-cN/AFailure to produce full current thread trace in javacore
jit600-2003081963397-cN/AHOT: SIGSEGV in lkMonitorExit
haix32141-2003082163372IY47660cN/AInfo about split up of rt.jar shd be specified in sdk guide
haix32141-2003082163717-cN/AError in SDK Guide about LD_LIBRARY_PATH
hs141-2003082263572-cN/ADeadlock detection functionality broken
jit600-2003082362909-cN/AAbstract:Java Crash
ha141-2003082363694-cN/ABackporting the defects 63449.
hs141-2003082363733-cN/Abackporting the big 63574 for PMR 60911,001,866
jit600-2003082660241-cN/AJITON NullPointerException in compiled code
jit600-2003082661881-cN/APPC:RA problem with MEMCOPY quad
jit601-2003082963628-cN/AHOT:ICU4J test crashes when JIT is set on
orb1411-2003090264021-cN/AWS z/OS ORB upgrading; part 5
au1411-2003090564067-cN/AShift_Lock key event does not work
hs1411-2003090564143-cN/ACICS: error in a URE description
jit601-2003090963969-cN/AJIT: Memory corruption while propagating sync info
jit601-2003091064125-cN/AProblem with branching ( if(x>0 ) ) with JIT on
orb1411-2003091064146-cN/ should override hashCode() and equals()
hs1411-2003091064172-cN/AJAVA V1.4.1 - ASSERTIONS DOESN'T WORK
as1411-2003091064241-cN/AUpdate ibmpkcs.jar to fix PrivateKeyInfo.parseKey().
jit601-2003091163919-cN/AJIT: AASTORE AV due to bad deadstore removal
ha1411-2003091763794IY52811cN/Ajextract on aix gives Not a BIG archive format: [WARNING]
jit601-2003092664277-cN/AJVM does not evaluate switch statements properly with JIT on
1.4.1 Service Release 1 (ca1411-20030930)[63]
hs1411-2003103163525-cN/Amethod isAssignableFrom() returns flase
hs1411-2003103164363-cN/AC-MMI incorrectly scans Java frames
jit601-2003103164560-cN/AHOT:POK ST:MSYS acceptance failed with imbbed xml.jar
orb1411-2003103164840-cN/AcopyObject: overriding mechanism for Remote's.
as1411plug-2003103164921-cN/AInternet Explorer refresh button clears the classloader cache
as1411-2003103164958-cN/ACached selected items are not cleared by removeAllItems()
as1411-2003103164977-cN/AJFileChooser selecting a filter causes field to blank
as1411-2003103165104-cN/AClassCastException while displaying image
as1411-2003103165141-cN/ASSL Sun/IBM interop plus exception to screen
as1411-2003103165178-cN/ Output buffer too small
jit601-2003110865210-cN/AIncorrect Ouput when java/lang/Math.round inlined
hs1411-2003111365495-cN/ACICS: stateful EJB performance - internal exceptions
jit601-2003111465042-cN/A0c4 in switch_decision_tree_creation
hs1411-2003111465852-cN/AAbend 0C4 in getArrayLeafType after defect 63525
jit601-2003111563940-cN/Aproblem with assigning 0 to a long
jit601-2003111865136-cN/AJIT compiler causing calculation errors
as1411-2003111865927-cN/Auncaught error is thrown from Java Swing Client
as1411-2003111865947-cN/ASupport x.509 v1 certificate as root cert
ha1411-2003111965742IY51148cN/AJVM Hang during high load while using WAS
jit601-2003112064446-cN/ANeed multiplereader/singlewriter feature
au1411-2003112065986-cN/AGUI freezes using modal dialogs
as1411-2003112165916-cN/Anative2ascii tool fails to overwrite existing output files
aa1411-2003112165988IY51108cN/AAIX timezone IDs incorrectly mapped
jit601-2003112863243-cN/ACheck for out of storage after jit_malloc
as1411-2003112665588-cN/ACardLayout:unable to add components without unique string.
ha1411-2003112665796IY51063cN/AsysClose call does not close all fd if these are more then 32
orb1411-2003120264721-cN/Abyte order marker (BOM) not properly handled.
orb1411-2003120266270-cN/AORB throwing unserializable exception
hs1411-2003120565895-cN/AHang during GC for Websphere on z/OS
jit601-2003120566021-cN/ASIGSEGV in 64bit precompiled String.indexOf(String, int)
au1411-2003120566483-cN/ACrash when mouse down and drag into a native AWT Widget.
jit601-2003120663928-cN/ANull Check Elimination is generating bad code - causing asserts
jit601-2003120664460-cN/APPC:SYNCOPT- Crash while trying to obtain lock on LO2
hs1411-2003120665758-cN/ACreate Defect for JFORMAT lock status
hs1411-2003120866016-cN/AJVM crash occurs in profileslotscanfunc
au1411-2003120966082-cN/AIMF-JP: Status Window disappear with AUX
jit601-2003120966426-cN/AJITC-jitd method fails when ternary oper tests sign of variable
as1411-2003121266450-cN/Abytetochar.comvert does not convert properly with JIT enabled
jit601-2003121665205-cN/Acrash from DeleteEntryFromUDoprnd
as1411-2003121766958-cN/AUpdate cacerts file for expiring Verisign root certificates
ha1411-2003122365621IY51847cN/AThread.interrupt() call goes undetected
hs1411-2004010666828-cN/Aheapdump shows extra "0x" infrount of address of an object
as1411-2004010966927-cN/AChange default for threadPooling in RMI ConnectionHandler
as1411-2004010967581-cN/AUpdate iKeyman for expired verisign certificate
jit601-2004011466469-cN/AApplication hang caused by JIT
hs1411-2004011567196-cN/AClasslock must be taken before ensureLoaded is called
as1411-2004012067033-cN/ANew Version JSSE
hs1411-2004012366292-cN/Arefix for defect 63525
orb1411-2004012766163-cN/ACrossHeap events in IIOuputStream and ObjectOutputStream class
jit601-2004013066250-cN/AOperation exception in JITted code
as1411-2004013068391-cN/ABackout 67750
orb1411-2004020768328-cN/Armic -iiop fails when exception thrown in inspected <clinit>
jit601-2004021264672-cN/AImplement COMPILING(TIME) and SKIPLARGE options.
jit601-2004021468626-cN/ACrash in jit_wmem_alloc() due to memory corruption in QOPT.
as1411-2004021769093-cN/AIntegrate XML4J 4.2.4
1.4.1 Service Release 2 (ca1411-20040301)[55]
jit601-2004030966675-cN/ACICS ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
hs1411-2004030969784-cN/AMemory leak using DelegatingClassLoader
as1411-2004031068130-cN/Aillegal parameter exception in jsse
orb1411-2004031167048-cN/AProxy flag incorrect in nested colocated method invocations
orb1411-2004031167298-cN/AHandles for JAR files left open
orb1411-2004031364310-cN/ANPE in
orb1411-2004031368352-cN/AClassCastException during EJB Creation
aa1411-2004031369481-cN/AUnable to exec when only user's sec group has execute permision
hs1411-2004031668275-cN/ATHREAD LOCKOUT LOOP IN 141 JVM in pthread_quiesce_and_get_np
jit601-2004031966879-cN/APPC: Wrong values when float array copied to int array
jit601-2004031967005-cN/Acrash in jitc!search_for_unexited_syncenter
as1411-2004031967195-cN/AUser defined protocols in HTML Editor kits ..
as1411-2004031967665-cN/ASupport for duplicate mnemonics on panels (Contn of 65917)
jit601-2004031967903-cN/AGetting mmiVerifyTpAndGetWorkSize: stack_height=2 error message
jit601-2004031968153-cN/A0C4s when compiling JSPs
hs1411-2004031968533-cN/ATrace does not cover the sysShutdown() call in xmTerminateJVM
as1411-2004031968889-cN/AJDesktopPane fails when ENTER key event is processed
hs1411-2004031969515-cN/Aset jvm=$jvm#2 not working for multiple java addressSpaces
as1411plug-2004032070199-cN/ASingle Sign On requests user signon twice
as1411-2004031970436-cN/APrint quality is not good
jit601-2004031970546-cN/APPC-JIT: Stack overflow may case deadlock -- See 74269 also
aa1411-2004032067149IY52167cN/AJava truncates TZ evironmental variable
jit601-2004032067194-cN/ANullcheck not added to the NON Virtual path of a CHA PATCH.
jit601-2004032270577-cN/AJIT does not compute Shift operations correctly
jit601-2004032466072-cN/Asegmentation violation and core dump from caix64131
jit601-20040325a70834-cN/ACrash due wrong expansion of BB tbl in self-recursive calls
aaix321411-2004032665168-cN/AJDK documentation need to be corrected
orb1411-2004033070116-cN/AMarshal Exception if there is BigInteger on Fragment boundry
orb1411-2004033070328-cN/ASerializarion of Proxy classes throws Marshal Exception
jit601-2004033071105-cN/ARefine fix for 70834
as1411-2004033170894-cN/ATime on locale English(South Africa) is displayed incorrectly
as1411-2004033171262-cN/AWrong colour pixels in a .tif file
as1411-2004040171239-cN/AFrench: Incorrect Translation for Cancel button
jit601-2004040265745-cN/AIncorrect floating point values returned with JIT ON
orb1411-2004040268350-cN/AMarshal Exception during communication orb130 and orb131
jit601-2004040271172-cN/AJump from IMF not getting registered correctly during E.Handlin
jit601-2004040367263-cN/ABB[JSR+1] is reordered wrongly.
as1411-2004040371552-cN/ASSLServerSocket and SSLSocket null pointer handling
hu1411-2004040671608-cN/ASIGQUIT does not always produce a JAVADUMP
jit601-2004040768894-cN/Agoto after JSR in same BB is not handled properly.
as1411-2004040771655-cN/AArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while displaying Image with 141
hs1411-2004040866827-cN/AHang in GC on multiprocessor AIX machine
jit601-2004040868515-cN/ACrash in Classflow_Init_Dataflow()
as1411-2004040971524-cN/Amulticast setsockopt problem
jit601-2004041270622-cN/AANEWARRAY and NEWARRAY is using volatile reg as input param.
orb1411-2004041471831-cN/ATiming issue problem between addConnection and removeConnection
jit601-2004041571903-cN/AFailed to check return code on DFS generation
as1411-2004041572023-cN/AChrysalis card support, securitymanager, plus other fixes
jit601-2004041770149-cN/ADOPT: Loop versioning causes SIGSEGV.
jit601-2004042071267-cN/ALock Coarsening wrongly calculates the region for an obj as 0.
jit601-2004042165703-cN/AJITCacheAlloc segv with Stackoverflow error.
jit601-2004042267881-cN/AUnexplained IllegalMonitorStateException PMR 92580,122,000
orb1411-2004042271931-cN/AClassCastException from javax.rmi.CORBA.ValueHandler.readValue
jit601-2004042669409-cN/AWrong result of REM (%) operation -- ArrayIndexOutOfBounds
jit601-2004042769713-cN/AJIT SEGV on 141 SR1 NPTL Itanium Morgan Stanley application
as1411-2004042770625-cN/AFlyover text for a list of items within a JComboBox doesn'twork
orb1411-2004042868157-cN/AMARSHAL exception - interoperability between ORB130-ORB1411
as1411-20040428a71498-cN/Aillegal access error in fontmanager.dll
jit601-2004042971597-cN/ALocal Variable index wrongly set in classflow
as1411-2004050172869-cN/AExpired self-signed certificate allows authentication
as1411-2004050772002-cN/ALocale.getDisplayName returns wrong value on Portugal Portugues
hs1411-2004050873082-cN/Ajvmci161 error message invalidly issued during GC that indicate
hs1411-2004051171499-cN/AUsing JVMPI to get heap dump leads to JVM crash
orb1411-2004051473178-cN/Aerror loading the primitive class
aa1411-2004051473426IY56757cN/AGerman timezone setting is not available in tzmappings
hs1411-2004060574440-cN/AAbend0c4 fi_prev in shared classes mode
aa1411-2004081376777IY60638cN/AJVM does not throw InterruptedIOException when interrupted
1.4.1 Service Release 3 (ca1411ifx-20040810)[67]
ha1411-2004102978993IY63644cN/ACustomer sees CORBA retransmit because of InterruptedIOException
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