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A quick start: Develop and test SQLJ programs using Rational Application Developer


Level: Introductory

Yongli An (, Software developer, IBM
Joyce Coleman (, Software developer, IBM

16 Feb 2006

Learn how to code, test, and run SQLJ applications using Rational® Application Developer (RAD) and IBM DB2® Universal Database™ (DB2 UDB). Learn, also, how to run applications in a WebSphere® Application Server and DB2 UDB environment. This tutorial complements an earlier tutorial "A quick start: Develop and run SQLJ programs" (developerWorks, December 2004) that describes how to develop SQLJ applications using WebSphere Studio Application Developer, the precursor to Rational Application Developer. If you want to get practical experience without having to sift through the manuals, this tutorial is for you. Users who have installed DB2 and one or both of WebSphere Application Server V6.0 and Rational Application Developer V6.0 can get firsthand experience by following the steps described in this tutorial, using the ZIP file included for download.

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In this tutorial

  • Learn how to build, customize, and test an SQLJ application using Rational Application Developer.

  • learn how to deploy an SQLJ application into a WebSphere Application Server and do a test run in that environment.


The user must be familiar with WebSphere and DB2.

System requirements

In order to complete the exercise to gain hands-on experience running SQLJ in a WebSphere and DB2 environment, users must install the following products:

Each product has a trial version. Users can refer to the individual user manuals and instructions that come with the downloaded package to install each product.

This tutorial is based on the version of each product for Windows® 2000 or XP.

Here is a list of software used in this tutorial:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000
  • WebSphere Application Server V6.0
  • DB2 Universal Database V8.1 FixPack 9
  • Rational Application Developer V6.0.1.1


2 hours


html, pdf


This tutorial uses a simple servlet application that accesses a DB2 database through SQLJ to demonstrate how easily users can start developing SQLJ applications using IBM products. Along the way, this tutorial also presents some introductory information about DB2 UDB JDBC drivers, SQLJ, DB2 UDB, WebSphere Application Server, and Rational Application Developer.

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