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IBM Build to Manage Toolkits

Build in uptime as a feature of your applications


Why are these new symptom tools important?
What are problem signatures?

Why are these new symptom tools important?

As it turns out, many problems occurring in an IT environment have known solutions. Today, problem analysts use mostly manual methods to search problem knowledge databases. The tools made available in this toolkit make it easy for application developers, testers, and support personnel to capture knowledge about problems and their solutions, and publish them in a symptom catalog. These catalogs are then automatically accessed by problem management products during deployment and operations, thus saving significant time and effort in determining effective resolutions to problems.

What are problem signatures?

Problem signatures can be as simple as one error logged by a single product or as complex as a sequence of errors logged by a number of interacting products. This toolkit includes tools that make it easy to define rules that identify both simple and complex problem signatures. During problem analysis, these rules can be applied against product log files to quickly diagnose problems. When used together with the symptom tools explained above, a powerful root-cause analysis and problem resolution solution is achieved.

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