Client software
The sandbox exercises and online trial program use the Citrix Receiver to connect your workstation to the remote server running the IBM product you are evaluating.

You will need to download the latest Receiver appropriate for your operating system.

Note: When you install the Receiver, you are asked at the last step of the installation to provide a work email or server address as shown in this figure:

Figure 1The Citrix Receiver asks for work email or server address

Do not fill in this field. Instead, click Cancel and then Yes to cancel out of the setup, as shown in this figure:

Figure 2The Citrix Receiver asks for confirmation that you are canceling out of the request for an email address or server request

At this point, the installation has completed successfully and you may go on to use the Sandox.

If you do not have the Citrix online plugin installed when you attempt to access the online trial, you will be prompted to install it.

If you're having trouble installing the plugin, see the Citrix installation instructions.

Supported browsers
Microsoft Internet Explorer V6 or later and Mozilla Firefox V1.5 or later are supported.

Connection speed
We recommend that you use a high-speed connection while evaluating software online. Because the session you will be using is running remotely over the Internet with unpredictable delays and latencies, you should not use your experience with the session as a guide to the performance of the tools when installed in a local environment.

Connectivity FAQs
Having problems getting connected? Check our connectivity FAQs for solutions to common problems. Or, visit our connectivity forum to submit technical questions about using online trials.

How does the sandbox exercise work?

After registering and installing the Citrix software, you will be able to access the SOA Sandbox through the Citrix Receiver

The Citrix Receiver lets you interact     with the virtual image