IBM® Cognos® Application Workbench uses a model-driven framework and a built-in common dimension foundation to develop, adapt and extend business intelligence applications. IBM Cognos Application Workbench helps organizations gain richer insights faster, by enabling them to rapidly design, build and deliver BI applications organization-wide. It automatically generates end-to-end applications—from data source to warehouse to reports to fully guided analysis.

It includes a model-driven workbench for developing new BI applications or extending existing applications rapidly, placing application design in the hands of business users. The adaptive, extensible framework can be upgraded easily to respond to changing business requirements, so organizations never outgrow the solution. It automatically generates business intelligence (BI) applications, with no need for specialist skills, time-consuming coding, or manual change-management processes. Common dimensions provide a consistent information foundation, regardless of who builds the application or when. Cognos Application Workbench provides the performance, scalability, and self-service capabilities of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

You are entitled to submit technical problems and questions to a Cognos forum, hosted by IBM Cognos Business Intelligence experts.

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