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Cloud computing provides a way to develop applications in a virtual environment, where computing capacity, bandwidth, storage, security and reliability aren't issues - you don't need to install the software on your own system. In a virtual computing environment, you can develop, deploy, and manage applications, paying only for the time and capacity you use, while scaling up or down to accommodate changing needs or business requirements.

Try the IBM Development and Test Cloud today. This IBM cloud environment highlights IBM's software offerings and provides tools needed to develop and test application code. Included are tools to configure and manage the dynamic execution environment, an IDE that facilitates the direct use of the execution environment, and build and test tools that can exploit the execution environment.

In addition, IBM has partnered with Amazon Web Services to give you access to IBM software products in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) virtual environment. This is product-level code, with all features and options enabled.

Several options are available to get you started using IBM platform technologies in the Amazon EC2 environment. You can bring your own IBM licenses to Amazon EC2, utilize development Amazon Machine Images (for ISVs only), or leverage the production-ready Amazon EC2 running IBM service. Read more about each of those options.

Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) are available for the following IBM products:

Information Management productsDevelopment AMIProduction-ready AMI
DB2 Express-C 9.7.1 (32- and 64-bit) yes 
DB2 Express Edition V9.7.1 (32-bit) updated AMI offering  yes
DB2 Workgroup Server Edition V9.7.1 (64-bit) updated AMI offering  yes
Informix Dynamic Server Developer Edition V11.5yes 
Informix Dynamic Server Express Edition V11.5 yes
Informix Dynamic Server Workgroup Edition V11.5 yes
InfoSphere Information Server V8.1 new cloud offer available icon yes

Lotus productsDevelopment AMIProduction-ready AMI
IBM Mashup Center V2.0 yesyes
Lotus Forms Turbo V3.5.1 yesyes
Lotus Web Content Management Standard Edition V6.1.5 yes
WebSphere Portal Server and Lotus Web Content Management Standard Edition V6.1.5yesyes
WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management Open Betayes 

Tivoli productsDevelopment AMIProduction-ready AMI
Tivoli Monitoring V6.2.1  yes

WebSphere productsDevelopment AMIProduction-ready AMI
WebSphere Application Server V7 updated AMI offeringyesyes
WebSphere eXtreme Scale V7 new cloud offer available icon yesyes
WebSphere sMash V1.1.1yesyes

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Have questions about IBM and Amazon EC2? Go to the IBM EC2 AMI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Not sure which product you need? Go to the IBM Software Product Finder.

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