Innovate at the speed of a startup

You can use the IBM® Bluemix® Garage Method to deliver innovative solutions faster and cheaper with just the right features. The Garage Method emphasizes best practices on design thinking, agile methodology, DevOps, and cloud and lean development. It also tells the story of IBM's transformation journey as it adopted DevOps practices and created a culture of innovation and agility to iterate and pivot in response to the market. When you're ready, use the featured practices and tools to accelerate a DevOps transformation in your organization.

The IBM Bluemix Garage Method is organized around seven development lifecycle phases. Each phase has practices and tools that you can use to get started and become productive quickly.

  • Culture: Build a flexible team structure with better communication and transparency and a focus on innovation.
  • Think: Design a minimum viable product (MVP), work from a ranked backlog to get the most important work done first, and validate products with sponsor users.
  • Code: Create a strategy around continuous integration and continuous delivery, and program in pairs to reduce errors and build cloud-native apps that scale.
  • Deliver: Accelerate your time-to-market through continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automated deployment.
  • Run: Run on a cloud platform or in a hybrid environment and auto-scale resources as system usage grows.
  • Manage: Ensure high availability and fast recovery, identify problems fast by using log data, and continuously monitor application status and performance.
  • Learn: Formulate hypotheses and run experiments to drive development and drive findings to the backlog.

Tracks and toolchains guide you through practical examples of how to develop a solution to a business problem by using a set of practices, toolchains, and tools.

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