Migrating InfoSphere Streams SPADE applications to Streams Processing Language, Part 2, Migrate SPADE mixed-mode applications

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Kevin Erickson and Richard King

Date archived: January 13, 2017 | First published: May 26, 2011

The most significant new feature of Version 2.0 of the IBM InfoSphere® Streams product is the programming language model transformation from Streams Processing Application Declarative Engine (SPADE) to Streams Processing Language (SPL). Users with SPADE applications from previous versions will need to migrate and port their applications to SPL when upgrading their installations to Version 2.0. This tutorial is Part 2 of a 5-part series that uses actual SPADE samples to demonstrate a series of step-by-step procedures for migrating and porting different types of SPADE application content. Part 2 demonstrates the migration of SPADE mixed-mode applications.

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ArticleTitle=Migrating InfoSphere Streams SPADE applications to Streams Processing Language, Part 2: Migrate SPADE mixed-mode applications