Using Optim with Informix Dynamic Server, Part 1, Configure Informix Dynamic Server to work together with Optim Solutions

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Dhanashri Kudgavkar and Prasanna Alur Mathada

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: April 22, 2010

IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server, with its copious feature set, meets or exceeds expectations for a high-performing, scalable, reliable, maintainable database server for enterprise applications. However, if you need to segregate older data and maintain it in such a way that it is easily accessible for reporting or strategic decision making, you may want to consider implementing it with IBM Optim™ Solutions. Optim lets you archive historical data from various database systems supporting an application and restore data from these archives in the production environment if needed, masking production data and making it available for reliability and application quality testing.

In this tutorial, learn how to configure Informix Dynamic Server with Optim Solutions. In Part 2 of this series, you'll walk through some scenarios showing you how using Optim Data Privacy Solution with Informix can help you solve real-world problems.

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ArticleTitle=Using Optim with Informix Dynamic Server, Part 1: Configure Informix Dynamic Server to work together with Optim Solutions