Build a Support Knowledge Base using DB2 pureXML and PHP

Create an application that uses relational and XML data with IBM DB2 Express-C

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Joe Lennon

Date archived: January 11, 2017 | First published: November 19, 2009

Creating applications that use a hybrid of relational data and XML data is easy thanks to the pureXML® feature of IBM® DB2® database servers. In this tutorial, you use PHP to create a Web application that connects to an IBM DB2 Express-C database and stores some of its data in traditional relational database columns, and some of it in native XML columns. You also learn how to use SQL/XML queries to retrieve, insert, update, and delete data from this database. Beyond the hands-on, project-based training, the tutorial equips you with the skills and conceptual knowledge you need to develop your own hybrid applications.

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ArticleTitle=Build a Support Knowledge Base using DB2 pureXML and PHP